Meet Felicity | Book Review

“Meet Felicity” introduces us to a young girl who is a spunky, spritely, colonial girl, who is growing up in 1774 just before the American Revolution.

Felicity is growing up during a time when women and girls must wear dresses, petticoats, and stockings as part of their everyday wardrobe. Felicity wishes to be able to wear breeches like the boys get to. Girls had to act and dress much different than expected in today’s times.

In this first book about Felicity, she learns that a mean man, Jiggy Nye, who owns a tannery on the outskirts of town has won himself a new horse. Felicity and everyone in town knows that he is mean to all animals that he gets.

Felicity starts going to see the horse early every morning before the sun comes up. After the first morning of going to see the horse and Felicity’s mother asks her how her petticoats and stockings got so dirty she takes a pair of Ben’s (who is her father’s apprentice that lives with Felicity’s family) breeches and hides them in the barn so she can change into them before going to see the horse that she names Penny.

Jiggy Nye, who owns the horse, catches Felicity one morning and gets mad that she is there. He tells her that the first person who can ride the horse can have it. The horse is very skiddish around people because of how mean Mr. Nye is to her. Of course Felicity takes him serious and is able to get the horse to trust her enough to be able to ride the horse.

So, when Felicity finds out she misunderstood Mr. Nye about having the horse because he really didn’t mean it she forms a plan to let Penny free. Felicity goes to Mr. Nye’s early one morning and rides Penny over the fence and falls off of Penny to let her keep running off into the woods. If Felicity couldn’t actually keep Penny she wanted Penny to be free from Mr. Nye.


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